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Before we begin brainstorming, we need to understand the lay of the land. We do this in a number of ways, but the result is the same: learn the fundamentals - like your mission, brand identity, overall industry, competitors, strengths, struggles and everything in between. From there, we determine the specifics - like project goals, timeline, communication guidelines, and technical requirements. The insights gathered here will set the groundwork for our work and partnership together.


Based on initial learnings, we break the project down by immediate needs and projected impact to create an actionable roadmap. The ways we do this are many and varied: functional specs, digital audits, design blueprints - you name it. We collaborate with you and with each other to set the minimum viable requirements necessary to get your product to market swiftly, while also ensuring that digital strategy aligns with creative vision, technical functionality and business processes.


This is when we get things done. Guided by the strategy defined in the previous phase, our teams work together to get your brand in front of your users. As a high-touch digital agency, we will be in constant communication with you throughout the life of your project to report on progress and present any potential pivots that might impact growth. Our team and yours will always understand what is happening and why.


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